December 16, 2012

Connecticut School Shootings: Real Tragedy Is Insane Response

Gun Control is Genocide - documentary by Mike Adams*zFqu3s5cFdXiiAf79A2KB62m/WhichOneoftheseSignsWillPreventAnotherTragedy.png?width=436&height=500

Albert Einstein
“The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again
 and expect a different outcome.”
Albert Einstein

Guns are such evil things that have a mind of their own and are downright dangerous to us humans - since they cannot be trusted and may harm us we must protect ourselves and ban these evil weapons! And while we're at it, let's clear out the cutlery and throw out those deadly knives, forks and icepicks - after all, you never know what evil plans they may be hatching behind our backs this very moment. And when we have declared all such weapons to be evil and not to be trusted around civilized people, you can be sure that no law-abiding citizen would dare to have them in their possession ever again. Of course, we have no control over those crazy lunatics and the criminal miscreants who don't give a hoot about the laws anyway and who will be only too pleased about not having to face any resistance!

Never mind that Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Sandy Hook Elementary School all have in common: while each was designated a gun-free zone, every one became the scene of a large-scale massacre! Never mind that, at other schools such as the Appalachian School of Law, which had no ban on guns, an attempted massacre was stopped prematurely by armed students when a deranged, angry student was stopped in his tracks, resulting in the loss of only 3 lives - saving countless others from death. Never mind that gun-free zones are a magnet for mass shooters, who know full well that their victims will be like sitting ducks in a shooting gallery - just like the victims in the Aurora Theater shooting, where the shooter bypassed several theaters closer to home that were not designated gun-free zones!

Never mind that every politician calling for gun control as the solution refuses to take his own advice, his safety being assured by a well-armed security detail- even when visiting so-called gun-free zones! Disregard the paternalistic do as I say, not as I do pontifications and the crocodile tears intended to show sympathy for the victims, but which failed to glisten the cheeks when cued by the teleprompter. Dismiss all the evidence that proves that criminals don't obey gun laws- only law-abiding citizens do!

In his classical work - Extraordinary Popular Delusions & the Madness of Crowds, Charles MacKay wrote that human beings "go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one."! As the vast majority cling to each other for emotional support after another horrific school massacre, there is little doubt that fear of further bloodshed will lead to designating even more gun-free zones, proving Einstein's words about insanity while allowing killers free rein to continue their killing spree!

Terrifying incidents like this that involve the senseless killing of innocents are often used to foster a sense of learned helplessness among the populace, causing them to believe that they are incapable of protecting themselves- so they reach out to the State to 'do something' to make them feel safe again!

The real tragedy of the Connecticut school shootings is not merely the loss of so many innocent lives due to a wrong-headed (if well-intentioned) policy, but that that very policy may be about to be rolled out nationwide - an emotionally-driven response that will result in countless more lives lost in future!

A developing twist in this sad saga.
An outstanding piece of investigative journalism!
Was Adam Lanza even the shooter - or a patsy placed at the scene?

Two movies, two mass murders

Newtown: Two Movies, Two Mass Murders, and Questioning All the Facts. Torrid Political Implications are at Stake.
By Jon Rappoport
December 16, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises and The Hunger Games.

We’ll get to them in a minute.

This article is in the interest of full disclosure. The easy way out is to accept the basic facts given to us by the police and media. So let’s take a breath, back up, and take a wider view.

Multiple media sources state Adam Lanza, the accused Newtown mass murderer, wore a mask while he killed 26 people in the Sandy Hook Elementary School. So who IDed him as the killer?

Obviously, the police, after the fact, when Lanza was dead.

In any crime with such torrid political implications (“take away the guns”), we have to question all the facts.

Presumably, the police found Lanza dead with a bullet wound from a gun lying next to him. They saw he was wearing a mask and body armor. They assumed he was the killer.

Later, the gun was traced back to its owner, Lanza’s mother. Bullet analysis of the victims revealed this was the murder weapon.

So it was a murder-suicide.

Unless there was a different person who did the shooting (cops found and arrested a man wearing camo in the woods near the school…what happened to him?). And who was the man police had “proned out” near the school?

An alternate scenario: Lanza was the patsy. The actual shooter(s) in the school killed him with the murder weapon.

Oh, well, that’s impossible.

Really? Why?

Because “everybody knows” Lanza did it?

Because the media report what the police tell them?

Because the police drew the “obvious” conclusion when they found a masked and body-armored Lanza dead with the murder weapon next to him?

It all comes down to this. Conventional reality vs. extraordinary reality. The overwhelming majority opt for the former every time.

Lee Oswald was the lone shooter (the majority don’t even believe this now). Sirhan Sirhan killed RFK (the evidence says he couldn’t, because he standing on the wrong side of RFK).

Lanza would be the perfect patsy. Loner, shy, vulnerable, behaved strangely, Asperger’s Syndrome; MOTHER WAS AN AVID GUN COLLECTOR, had taught her son to shoot; relative of the family tells CBS News the mother was worried about collapse of the economy, wanted weapons in case she had to defend her home and family (DOOMSDAY PREPPER)…and there you have just the right scenario for the gun grabbers, who have been going at it full-bore in the last two days.

These kids would be still be alive if the mother wasn’t a doomsday prepper.”

Learned Helplessness: The War On You


To stop school shootings, we should let criminals have all the guns, argue gun control advocates

Saturday, December 15, 2012
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of

(NaturalNews) If you're shaking your head after reading the headline for this article, you're not alone. The idea of taking away guns from all the law abiding citizens while concentrating them in the hands of deranged, psychopathic criminals isn't my idea, however. It's Obama's. And Bloomberg's. And Nancy Pelosi and everybody else who is now pushing for "gun control" legislation in the wake of the Newtown, Conn. elementary school shooting.

The problem with gun control laws is that only law-abiding citizens follow laws. This should be self-evident. So while a gun ban law would see law-abiding citizens turning their guns in, law-abiding citizens are not the source of violent shootings.

It's the psychopathic criminals who are committing the violence. And because they are criminals, they will by definition ignore gun ban laws.

Want proof? Well, for starters, it's already against the law to shoot children and kill them. Yet Adam Lanza did exactly that in Newtown, Conn., oblivious to what the law says. All by itself, this is proof that laws do not stop criminal-minded psychopaths from committing acts of violence.

Strictest gun control areas have the most violent crime

Remember all this when you hear all the usual political suspects call for "gun control legislation." This legislation will, by definition, only hurt law-abiding citizens who would never even think of harming innocent children. At the same time, gun control laws will do absolutely nothing to stop psychopathic criminals from using guns, knives or other weapons to commit mass violence.

Proof of this is readily apparent. "One of the interesting characteristics of mass shootings is that they generally occur in places where firearms are [already] banned: malls, schools, etc," writes professor Glenn Harlan Reynolds in a USA Today opinion piece. "That was the finding of a famous 1999 study by John Lott of the University of Maryland and William Landes of the University of Chicago, and it appears to have been borne out by experience since then as well."

Renolds goes on to expose the "big lie" of gun control: the idea that criminals will abide by "gun-free zones" or laws of any kind. The very premise of being a criminal is that they ignore laws.

If anything, gun-free zones are "a magnet for mass shooters," explains Reynolds. And he's right: Aurora, Colorado had some of the most stringent gun control laws in America. But instead of reducing gun crime, all it did was ensure that victims were completely disarmed and unable to shoot back.

None of this logic and reason, of course, will stop people like President Obama from trying to punish law-abiding citizens across America by taking from them their right to armed self defense. Then again, gun control advocates never claimed to have any basis in logic or reason. They have habitually resorted to fear and contrived emotions to try to push their disarmament agenda, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that gun control causes MORE crime, not less.

As history has shown, mass disarmament leads to even more deaths via government violence against unarmed citizens. I explain this in the following video:

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