December 28, 2012

Exit The Carousel: Re-enter The Economic Roller Coaster

Nightmare Scenario (Michael Rivero)

At the end of 2007 the Dow Jones Industrial Average stood at just over 13,000 - five years further on, as 2012 draws to a close the key stock-market barometer is barely above 13,000 - or zero net growth! Even with attempts to show them in the most favorable light, it is clear that key economic indicators like employment reflect no net progress - in some cases being significantly worse than five years ago. Despite the cold reality of a moribund economy, however, where real jobs (outside the public sector) have all but disappeared, with holders of graduate degrees having to choose between flipping burgers and walking the aisles of the local Walmart, mainstream economists have again closed ranks to insist almost unanimously, that the economy has turned the corner - projecting 2013 to be a year of growth!

The last time such optimism occurred was at the beginning of 2008 - remember what happened then? Following an initial deep sell-off into March, 2009, after almost four years of clawing their way back, markets remain well below their high-water mark, with jobs & the economy yet to exit intensive care. As stimulus packages come and go, leaving behind little more than dashed hopes and a mounting pile of unpayable debt the public dreams of a miraculous turnaround that is always just around the corner. Meanwhile, neither discredited Keynesian economists nor the befuddled public that wants to believe have yet learned the lesson that the old Soviet Union collapsed not due to communism, but to stifling market forces, due to a foolish idea that officials somehow make wiser choices than the free market!

Just as in nature, trees fall a whole lot faster than it takes to grow, so too the markets and economy! The rally-back has all but ended and markets should resume their downward spiral by as early as the 2nd quarter of 2013, again confounding the almost unanimous projections of mainstream economists. As the public is again caught off-guard, the camp that believes that Santa Claus delivers 'free lunches' will look to the government to save them by taxing the rich - and running the money-printing presses!

But, just as the owners of below sea-level property discovered to their great chagrin in New Orleans, the presence of manmade levees is no protection when the hundred-year storm finally comes calling! As we emerge from its relatively calm eye, the business end of this multi-century storm will leave most of the economy submerged deep under water as a deflationary depression arrives in full force. By the end of it all the damage will be irreversible - the dollar no longer the world's reserve currency!

In the end debt is either repaid or written off, usually by declaring bankruptcy - there is no other way! The delusion that unlimited debt can be issued as a government counterfeits its currency into oblivion and that Central Planning can somehow abolish the business cycle will be exposed as complete fraud!

Pain is part and parcel of the human condition- attempts to abolish it only appear foolish in hindsight! Politicians who try to mislead the public otherwise to hold power and the 'experts' who facilitate them are the pied pipers of our world today- in the end only free markets can provide sustainable solutions!


US government intelligence agencies see possible economic collapse, resource wars, the fall of America by 2030

Monday, December 10, 2012
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of

(NaturalNews) The latest report from the National Intelligence Council explores megatrends that will impact America through 2030. The report is a jaw-dropper, as it openly explains that America will be overtaken by China as the world's dominant economic superpower. It also lays out the likelihood of megatrends such as global economic collapse, wars over food and water, energy scarcity and the rise of the individual against the state.

The full report is available as a download from the National Intelligence Council website.

"In terms of the indices of overall power -- GDP, population size, military spending and technological investment -- Asia will surpass North America and Europe combined," the report concludes. Rather than the world being dominated by a single superpower as it is now, China will be the global force to be reckoned with, it says.

The report also warns that if the U.S. government collapses or suddenly weakens, it would set off "global anarchy." This is especially worrisome, given the accelerating financial debt blowout strategy being pursued by President Obama, who has added more debt to the federal government (by far) than any other President in U.S. history. Now at $16.3 trillion, the national debt is only accelerating, putting the nation on a collision course with certain economic collapse.

The rise of China has already begun

Just this week, China has been seen buying up key assets from the U.S. private sector. A Chinese firm recently won the bid for U.S. battery maker A123, one of the darling alternative energy companies highlighted by the Obama administration. Now, Wanxiang Group Corp. will be purchasing the company for $256 million.

Also today, a Chinese consortium group is purchasing AIG's aircraft leasing business ILFC for a whopping $4.8 billion, giving China a ready network of private aircraft worldwide.

According to Reuters, China went on a "deal-making spree" in 2012, spending $56.8 billion on acquisitions. A Chinese company has also recently purchased a Canadian energy company Nexen for $15.1 billion.

Earlier this year, a Chinese firm also purchased the AMC movie theater chain for $2.6 billion, giving China near-total control over what movies are shown in America. This has already resulted in one striking piece of editorial censorship with the movie "Red Dawn" which was painstakingly altered to change Chinese enemy soldiers to North Korean soldiers in order to appease the Chinese government. If the film had not been altered, it certainly would not have been shown in AMC theaters, now owned by the Chinese. This is how communist Chinese propaganda has already reached U.S. shores.

We pay China to take over America

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