December 06, 2012

Weather Weapons & Tesla Death Rays: Top Secret Technology

Conspiracy Theory S03E02 Death Ray

Illustration of teleforce power installation

Mention the name Nikola Tesla and most people's eyes simply glaze over, hearing it for the first time, yet among scientists this brilliant inventor is thought of as highly as the more famous Albert Einstein! Credited with an amazing body of inventions - including Alternating Current, Light Bulbs, X-rays, Radio, Remote Control, Electric Motor, Robotics, Laser, Wireless Communications and Free Energy, the Serbian scientist's research materials and notes were seized on an FBI raid shortly after his death. The holder of around 700 patents, Tesla had demonstrated that it was possible to transmit electricity without wires using a special type of transmitter, either for peaceful purposes or as a weapon of war. Called the Tesla Death Ray, his invention could melt incoming aircraft from as far as 250 miles away!

Though it has never admitted to possessing this technology, the US government, which took away all Tesla research right after his death and refuses to allow public access, has put his ideas into practice! Evidence continues to mount that its Alaska-based HAARP program, portrayed as a research project into weather - though run by the Navy/Air Force, is in fact a military application of Tesla technology. Though initially used for weather modification the focus subsequently shifted to weaponized systems. While sounding like science fiction to all who refuse to believe their government could be so devious, the reality is that any State possessing such lethal technology would be determined to keep it secret, whereas many unexplained occurrences over the last few decades fit the signature of such a weapon!

Tesla called his revolutionary weapon technology teleforce claiming it would change warfare forever! As described in the featured article, as recently as 2009 the signature of such a weapon was left in the Gulf of Mexico when an island that would allow Mexico new oil & gas rights inexplicably vanished, there one day - vaporized the next. The same overnight vanishing transpired with New Moore Island - claimed by India and Bangladesh and Sandy Island in the South Pacific - on maps for over 100 years!

Tesla claimed that his teleforce beam involved four inventions, two of which had already been tested- the other two, a means of amplifying the force and a projector (or gun) are believed to be functional! The beam can be tuned to higher or lower frequencies, allowing for its use in targeted assassinations. As shown in the featured video, this would provide answers for the deaths (by presumed heart attack) of non-compliant scientists and may have been the real culprit in one or both space shuttle disasters!

Beyond shuttle disasters and 'offing' those who refuse to 'play along', it seems increasingly likely that directed-energy weapons such as the teleforce beam may have played a role in the WTC demolitions! Dr. Judy Wood has long asserted that fact based on the way the buildings disintegrated into fine dust!

The US government has already spent well over one trillion dollars to develop this secret technology! Understandably, they would prefer to keep such advances 'under wraps' for national security reasons. However, the cause of unexplained weather phenomena and false-flag attacks may now be surfacing!

Sunday, November 25, 2012 13:34

Disturbing evidence is emerging that HAARP has been weaponized. Noted Brazilian physicist, Dr. Fran De Aquino, recently asserted the fully functional HAARP network is not only modifying weather and geophysical events, it may also be warping space and gravityeven time! Now applications of Nikola Tesla’s legendary “Death Ray” weapon may have been activated.
HAARP’s high frequency radiowaves that can be intensified, modulated and directed to almost any place on Earth, are built upon some of the most advanced work of the legendary inventor and visionary, Nikola Tesla. Tesla worked for decades on a revolutionary weapons technology he named teleforce: a powerful, deadly death ray Tesla claimed would change warfare forever.
Recently, bizarre auroras and disturbances to landmasses have called attention to the possibility that elements of HAARP technology have been weaponized to adopt Tesla’s annihilating death ray that works with the propagation of focused radio frequencies to disrupt the bonds that keep molecules together using nonlinear effects of intense radiated power.
Map of current global HAARP installations (excluding Antarctica)
Mysterious disappearances
As early as 2009 the warning sign of a HAARP superweapon left its signature on a tiny Mexican island In the Gulf of Mexico. The island, named Bermeja, was there one day and, quite simply disappeared the next.
Bermeja before it vanished
The mystery has never been solved. Although the official explanation is “global warming” and rising waters, the Gulf didn’t measurably rise during 2009, nor did the seafloor drop.

Cleo Paskal, an associate fellow at the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London, notes: “In September 2009 it was reported that, in spite of being on maps for centuries, the tiny island of Bermeja, in the Gulf of Mexico, could no longer be found.
Former location of the vanished island, Bermeja
“The Mexican Government sent out planes and boats and used satellites to try to find it but it was gone. And, along with it, a large claim Mexico was making in the hydrocarbon-rich waters of the Gulf. Some in Mexico said that, clearly, the CIA had blown up their island to subvert their stake.
“The United States’ response was clear: no island, no claim.”
How convenient. Vaporized at the touch of a button?
It’s claimed the island inexplicably vanished. Or was it inexplicable?
At the time the island ceased to exist strange phenomena were reported in and around the Gulf of Mexico. Shimmering rainbow clouds formed and massive chemtrail spraying took place. At the same time mysterious vortexes erupted in the normally placid waters. Odder still, sailors in the vicinity of Bermeja the day of its disappearance reported bizarre light refraction in the skies. Their testimony was written off as unconfirmed UFO reports.
Yet the display of energy and the vortexes are telltale signs of HAARP activity. The kind of activity that has nothing to do with analyzing and experimenting with the ionosphere.
New Moore Island is now no more island
And then another island just vanished. This one too was there one day and gone the next. That tiny bit of land called New Moore Island was claimed by both India and Bangladesh. The two nations fought political turf wars over it.
Could it be that both disappearances were caused by covert tests of a radical new technology based on Tesla’s teleforce weapon? Both islands vanished without a trace as if they had simply disintegrated.

HAARP’s nonlinear power
The case of a weaponized HAARP was argued by the late Dr. Rosalie Bertell who wrote: “the nonlinear effects of one billion watts of effective radiated power being directed at the ionosphere by the HAARP transmitter [is overwhelming]. This is the first phase capability of the project. The second phase will increase the effective radiated power levels even furtherto 4.7 billion watts!
Dr. Rosalie Bertell
“Energy in certain frequencies when reaching the outermost portions of the ionosphere can be amplified up to 1,000 times by natural processes. This phenomena has been recorded by scientists at UCLA who have observed the results of these power amplifications at a fraction of the power level which HAARP will transfer to this region. This is extremely important in considering what may occur with this level of energy. A serious environmental disaster may well be the result.”
HAARP nonlinear radial energy vortex

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