February 16, 2013

Targeted Kill Lists: Bloodthirsty Culture Defines Our Time

"Get the gas. Burn it down.". "Burn that f***ing house down.". "F***ing burn this motherf***er!"! The instructions flew fast and furious as the gang of bloodthirsty hoodlums had their prey cornered in a small cabin in the woods- they had got their man and were determined he'd never make it out alive! Minutes later, incendiary gas canisters are fired into the cabin, causing it to burn to the ground over the next few hours, its lone occupant kept inside by gunfire to await his inevitable end- a fiery death. His attackers, armed to the teeth, were determined that their target would never leave that cabin, insisting that the lapdog media (who dutifully complied) stand down and terminate the live broadcast. To cover up they order live scanner feeds to be cut before carrying out arson- dead men tell no tales!

Christopher Dorner, ex-LAPD cop, had been a thorn in the side of his former employer as he exposed ongoing racism & corruption. Fired for refusing to cover for abusive fellow officers, Dorner had been targeted for exposing brutality by a superior who kicked a handcuffed suspect, causing facial injuries! Having done everything by the book, yet still losing his appeal in a one-sided process that included interviews of the accused officer, but neither Dorner nor the victim, he lost all faith in the system - deciding to take matters into his own hands by embarking on a one-man mission to right the wrongs. This led to creating his own kill list, in which he targeted - not civilians, but corrupt LAPD members. In so doing Dorner became judge, jury, & executioner in a vain effort to dispense justice on his own!

Knowing full well that their ex-comrade threatened corrupt cops (& not the public), the LAPD kicked its chase into high gear - willfully endangering public safety by firing wildly into vehicles, ramming one with a police car before shooting two women, signaling its clear intention to execute the suspect! When they eventually cornered their prey, this was the interchange overheard on the police scanner: "We're gonna go forward with the plan with the burner.". "Like we talked about.". "Burners deployed, and we have a fire.". And later on: "...mission success." - as the lone cabin occupant was incinerated. Bear in mind that these are the same forces that will remain once gun confiscation inevitably passes - pray you are never caught in a crossfire between criminals & these 'protectors' when that day comes!

Following the engineered events of 9/11, the then US president used the prevailing fear & confusion to appoint himself decider-in-chief over who is killed without a review by any independent authority! His successor ratcheted this further, giving himself the power to kill Americans - even on home soil! This awesome power, once the preserve of tyrant kings and dictators, is now claimed by presidents, uniformed thugs, & disgruntled ex-cops. In time, it will be used against anyone who displeases them!

By going along with the request by state troopers to cut their live transmission, the compliant media have abrogated their responsibility to the citizenry, while abetting criminal acts of arson and murder! In this regard, they have allowed themselves to be cowed into submission - and are no different from individuals arrested or threatened for filming the police in the act of committing abuse or corruption. It is long understood that criminals will seek to avoid public exposure whenever wrong is being done!

The sad reality is that most onlookers to this sordid saga will find themselves in the cheering section, to lustily applaud the actions of a rogue agency in summarily executing one who dared to cross them! Foolishly believing that the forces of the State will never be used against them once they 'keep quiet', they convince themselves that they can still control this monster. Fortunately for the realists the tide has begun to turn as evidenced by the many who empathized with Dorner's plight, if not his methods!

Martin Niemöller's classic poem 'First they came...' highlights the prevailing apathy in Nazi Germany, as the State assumed ever greater power over life and liberty - trusting that everything would be okay so long as they agreed to play along and not complain- we now know how that worked out in the end!

Every culture is defined by norms- rules of behavior acceptable to its members in any given situation! A bloodthirsty culture is one that accepts and cheers killing of its members by authorities as justified. Such a culture awaits its inevitable date with destiny, the day it becomes a fully blood-drenched one!

Today the masses fearing for their safety, cheer as a lone vigilante is executed without judge or jury! Tomorrow they will relearn the lesson that unchecked power in the hands of a few always ends badly. Some have already begun to awaken - hopefully the bloodletting will not go too far, before we all do!


As nation watches in horror, LAPD commits premeditated arson, murder against homicide suspect Christopher Dorner

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of NaturalNews.com

(NaturalNews) Just as was predicted and described by InfoWars and Natural News, the LAPD has been caught red-handed committing premeditated arson and murder against homicide suspect Christopher Dorner.

The proof is in the police scanner audio which has now gone public. In this audio, LAPD officers are heard saying:

"We're gonna go forward with the plan with the burner."

"Like we talked about."

"Burners deployed, and we have a fire."

Repeated by dispatcher: "Burners deployed, and we have a fire."

"(unintelligible)...mission success."

"We have fire in the front. He might come out the back."

"Looks like it's starting to collapse."

"We're gonna start bringing fire in, about 200 yards out."

"Break 61 Lincon, 61 Charlie, you ready for fire?"

You can hear all this starting at around the 1:00 mark in the following video:

"F#cking burn this motherf#cker!" -- LAPD officers as heard on live television

Infowars reporter Paul Joseph Watson also reported the following evidence:

In a separate clip carried by a local news channel, police are heard to say, "F#cking burn this motherf#cker," and "burn that f#cking house down." This audio appears to be from earlier in the siege following the initial shootout between Dorner and cops.

As the Guardian reports, tweets made by journalist Max Blumenthal, who was listening live to police scanner feeds, correlate with the audio from the YouTube clips.

Shortly after smoke was seen rising from the cabin, police ordered online scanner feeds to be cut having earlier barred networks like CNN from carrying live footage of the scene and telling journalists not to put out tweets.

Click here to listen to police audio as police are screaming, "Burn this motherf#cker down!"

LAPD caught in premeditated arson and murder

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