May 30, 2013

Damaging Our DNA For Convenience: Cellphones, Chemtrails, ElectroSmog

“People happily pay a premium for three things: Speed, Quality, and Convenience.”
Robert A. Rice Jr.

What price are you willing to pay for convenience - no, not the amount rung up at the cash register, which can be just the first payment on a long-term installment plan that lasts for the rest of your life! Is the convenience of staying 'connected' without having to be tethered to an unwieldy tangle of wires worth the steadfastly-denied (remember cigarettes only a generation ago?) though demonstrably real, negative consequences for your own health as well as that of countless as yet unborn generations? Does the true price of being always online include health tolls levied based on genetic predispositions and sensitivities which only become apparent further down the road after it may be too late to repair -at what price do the hidden costs accumulate to become too much of a burden for humanity to bear?

Daily the picture comes more sharply into focus- a picture that reveals a significant hidden health toll attending the rapid growth of electromagnetic radiation in our atmosphere - so-called 'electrosmog'! This EMF smog now permeates our atmosphere to such a degree that it penetrates every living cell - plant, animal, or human - emanating from a panoply of wireless devices, including microwave ovens, cellphones & cordless phones, internet routers, TSA scanners, and the latest craze - smart-meters. Heretofore unknown levels of atmospheric radiation are associated with documented health effects that run the gamut from headaches, dizziness, fatigue, insomnia & skin rashes for the hypersensitive to malignant tumors of the head & neck, and are especially dangerous for thinner bones of the young!

In like manner to that other technology unique to our time - GMO's, research into the health hazards from EMF-emitting devices like cellphones and smart-meters is either non-existent or suppressed by industry heavyweights, who have successfully lobbied regulators to ignore any detrimental findings! As a result, costly long-term studies are difficult to come by and any that reach conclusions showing deleterious effects on human health are attacked or denied publication in leading medical journals! But failure to measure or even acknowledge harmful effects does not make them somehow disappear, and a growing body of research (mainly outside the US) shows genetic damage, reproductive defects, cancers, neurological, nervous and immune system disorders, plus developmental effects in children!

The human body is comprised of cells which communicate with each other via bioelectrical signals - standing upright it is a sizable antenna attracting electromagnetic waves inundating the atmosphere! Tuned to a different frequency from the waves bombarding us, our complex cell circuitry is affected, breaching the sensitive blood-brain barrier and disrupting vital communications affecting key organs, over time damaging our DNA, while fueling rapid growth of dementia, autism and malignant tumors!

Smart meters can expose the body to as much as 800 times the microwave radiation as do cellphones -along with the latest powerful 4 GHz cellular networks, they represent formidable penetration levels assaulting our sensitive biological systems 24/7/365, likely foreshadowing a wave of future disease! Alongside the spraying of barium chemtrails to propagate military communications over the horizon, they create a synergistic (or amplifying) effect in wreaking maximum havoc on the human organism!

Every day we go about our lives eating, sleeping, & working within a deadly smog of EMF radiation, bombarding every cell in our body while it shreds our DNA - blissfully unaware of an invisible killer! But the danger is no less real because we cannot see it, because a regulatory body is more intent on protecting the industry's health than yours, or because a large majority seems oblivious to the threat. The worst type of killer is the unseen one, silently damaging its prey until it is too late to take action!

Unlike the last cancer-causing silent killer- cigarettes, which could be avoided, this one is ubiquitous! Its secondhand smoke is not limited to enclosed spaces but is pervasive throughout the atmosphere, out-of-sight and for the most part out-of-mind, as it damages our very foundations at a cellular level!

Thirty years ago, when Motorola sold its first cellphone, EMF radiation was a relatively minor factor! Today, with a 1:1 ratio of cellphones to humans and the ubiquitous roll-out of WiFi and smart meters, we may already be starting to see the first wave of a tsunami of cancers and other immune diseases!

You can continue to be a guinea pig in a gigantic experiment into how radiation affects human DNA, or for a relatively modest investment in an EMF Detector, establish your exposure at home and work, allowing you to take appropriate action to protect yourself and loved ones from these harmful waves!

Information From A Different Perspective

Wireless, Chemtrails And You

chemtrails wireless & you27th May 2013
By William Thomas

Next time you’re on a cellphone looking up at those long lingering plumes spreading across the sky, you might decide to end that call. If you spot any cell towers, roof-mounted transmitters or high-voltage power lines within a mile of your location, you may wish to evacuate the area immediately. And once home, you will want to permanently disconnect all wireless devices, including computer routers and “always-on” portable phone cradles. Because what you see in the sky is what you breathe. And chances are you’ve been breathing barium for more than a decade.

Barium Conducts Electromagnetic Energy

Ever since Captain Kirk teleported to the surface of an alien planet and whipped out his portable communicator, everyone Earthside wanted one. And the telecos gave us flip-phones. Along with compulsive texting, streaming video, online gaming and banking, the worldwide web and more.

It took more than 20 years to connect the first billion subscribers. But only another 40 months to connect the second billion. The three billionth “user” placed a cell phone call just 24 months after that.

Never before in human history have so many embraced such risky technology so fast. In Toronto alone, there are 7,500 cell towers. In the USA: over 190,000.

BioElectric Beings

Everyone fixated on Captain Kirk’s hand-phaser. But his wireless communicator was the real ray gun that could not be dialled down.

Cell phones and “cellular networks” are aptly named. Every transmission disrupts your cells directly. “Human beings are bioelectrical systems. Our hearts and brains are regulated by internal bioelectrical signals. Environmental exposures to artificial EMFs can interact with fundamental biological processes in the human body,” states the landmark BioInitiative metastudy.

As former microwave warfare expert Barry Trower points out, an invisible ocean of electromagnetic waves from radio, radar and TV transmissions, cell towers, smart grids and overhead power cables traveling at the speed of light “can all be reflected and refracted” by metal appliances, rain, snow, glass and conductive materials deliberately sprayed into the air.

You Are an Antenna

A water-filled upright human is a sizeable antenna. And since all moving electrons generate electrical current, all those electromagnetic waves inundating our everyday lives pass into our bodies, where they each generate an electric current. These induced electric currents change the charge on which our complex bioelectrical body/brain/heart network operates to maintain our health and vitality.

Microwaves at 1/10th British safety guidelines emit frequencies causing the biggest changes in cell calcium levels… as reported in the UK Daily Mail.

Wireless Headaches

Headaches can stem from microwave-induced leakage of harmful molecules through the blood-brain barrier. [Electronics Australia Magazine Feb/00]

At one-ten-thousanth of a watt, the blood-brain barrier opens, allowing blood proteins inside to disrupt brain signals and start killing brain cells. A cell phone typically transmits at 2 watts.

Just two minutes on a cell phone, or sitting near a wireless computer router or portable phone cradle, shorts-circuits the electrical ion activity powering the blood-brain barrier. This allows proteins and other blood toxins to enter the brain and resume damaging neurons in thinking and memory centers. Dr. Leif Salford is finding “astonishing number of dead neuron cells, actually suffering holes in their brains from the damage” caused by a single cell phone call.

No wonder wireless-altered brains lead to lack of concentration, memory loss, aggressive behavior, accelerated aging, impaired learning ability and dementia. Fibrils of proteins clumping in electromagnetically-altered brains are an identifying characteristic of Alzheimer’s, Early Onset Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis and cancer patients.

“There is strong evidence that… microwaves are associated with accelerated aging (enhanced cell death and cancer) and moods, depression, suicide, anger, rage and violence, primarily through alteration of cellular calcium ions and the melatonin/serotonin balance,” writes veteran EMF researcher Dr. Neil Cherry in New Zealand.

So Far, So Bad

While hundreds of millions of wireless addicts insist that nothing negative is happening, the effects of this invisible plague are worsening. In the United States, one in six children currently suffers neurological disability. With the much heralded new 4G LTE networks and devices “producing a waveform that maximizes radiation absorption for 3-6 year olds,” writes Simon Best, the accelerating trend is straight up.

The electrosmog blanketing cities worldwide would resemble the murky view from Shanghai’s high-rise windows if it were visible. Just add micro-particulate fallout from undisclosed aerosol spray programs and one in three people can expect to be diagnosed with asthma.

Low frequencies are directly linked with epidemic rates of dementia that threaten to bankrupt Canada, the USA and much of the world within a few decades – just as the challenges and costs of crop-killing climate-shifts, sea-level rises and increasingly costly oil will require all the smarts and cash we can muster.

“The scope of the looming medical-care disaster is beyond comparison with anything that has been faced during the entire history of humanity,” declares dementia expert Dr. Barry Greenberg in Toronto.

The medical-care system is going to be bankrupt by 2050 if we don’t figure out a way to delay or treat Alzheimer’s disease,” echoes U.S. health and human services secretary, Kathleen Sebelius.

Brain cell membranes made leaky by electromagnetic radiation exposure create enough energy to excite neurons into hair-trigger mode, overloading hyperactive brains. More than 1 in 10 children in the United States are currently diagnosed with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

A 6,000% increase in autism diagnosis in recent years has kept pace with the proliferation of wireless grids and gadgets.

As reported in the UK Telegraph, 1980 to 2000 saw an increase of nearly 50% in the estimated number of new cases of Malignant Brain/Central Nervous System tumors in the United States.

Anyone who starts using wireless devices at any age can expect a 500% risk of developing brain cancer within 10 years – even sooner for children. Using cell and cordless phones is even worse.

“For such a risk to show up in cellphone users within 10 years, given what we know about brain tumours, which is that they can have a latency of 40 years, is deeply, deeply disturbing,” worries Dr. Devra Davis. [MSN June 7/04; Globe & Mail Sept 24/10]

Bye Bye Babies

Up to 16% of North American couples are already experiencing infertility – a near doubling since 1992. In cell tower-festooned Delhi, one in four couples cannot conceive after trying for two years or longer. Surviving sperm are increasingly found to be too damaged to achieve fertilisation. [TNN Aug 13/09]

At current rates, plummeting global sperm counts will hit ‘zero’ by 2048.

Barium Blues

Almost from the beginning of chemtrails consciousness, Clifford Carnicom began documenting high levels of reactive barium salts falling from chemtrails grids over Santa Fe, New Mexico. Carnicom claimed these salts are making the Earth more conductive.

He was right. In the fall of 2002, a long-time landscaper working for the City of Edmonton began noticing that carefully tended flowers and trees were showing signs of severe nutrient deficiencies. City specifications call for Electrical Conductivity readings no higher than “1” in local soils. But Dave Dickie’s soil samples tested for EC 4.6 to 7-times higher than this maximum permissible level.

Dickie wondered if elevated levels of electricity-conducting metals in the soils could be leading to the plants’ “chlorosis” condition. A $33 lab test of snow samples collected in a sterilized container confirmed elevated levels of aluminum and barium. Norwest Labs lab report #336566 found

  • q aluminum levels: 0.148 milligrams/litre
  • q barium levels: 0.006 milligrams/litre

Widespread tree and fish die-offs in California are also being blamed on abnormally high levels of barium and less conductive aluminum. At Lake Shasta, Francis Mangels, a retired soil conservationist and PhD wildlife biologist who worked for the U.S. Forest Service for over 35 years, told Dane Wigington that he blames pH over 10-times the alkalinity of normal soil on huge increases of aluminum oxide.

Dane Wigington reports that normal background levels of aluminum oxide in the Mt. Shasta snow is 1/2 unit. (In this case, ug/l). Allowable aluminum in drinking water is 50 units. Government action is required at 1,000 units of detected aluminum. The EPA-tested snow on Mt. Shasta shows aluminum at 61,100 units.

By July 2001, California state officials still could not explain why barium levels had nearly doubled since 1991. They still can’t say why barium levels in soils and water are rising, when industrial barium pollution has all but vanished.

In March 2002, two Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory scientists at Wright Patterson Air Force Base told award-winning reporter Bob Fitrakis that they were involved in two aerial spray programs. One spreads aluminum oxide in the upper atmosphere to reflect incoming sunlight and slow global warming. The other lays down barium stearate aerosols for “over the horizon” military communications, 3-D mapping and radar. Soapy rainwater on highways is a signature of barium salts, one scientist said.

They also confirmed that HAARP transmissions from Alaska are being used to bend the jetstream.

In 2008, a Louisiana newscast focused on barium, which the news station called a “hallmark of chemtrails.” When KSLA had chemtrail fallout analysed, the 6.8 ppm barium levels was “more than six times the toxic level set by the EPA.” The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality confirmed that the high levels of Barium were “very unusual.”

Two years later, Arizona air particulates of aluminum and barium surged. Lab tests indicate how many times they are over the allowable toxic limit:

  • Aluminum: 15.8x
  • Barium: 5.3x

Clifford Carnicom now states that the amount of Barium in our atmosphere exceeds by eight-times the level deemed safe for humans to breathe. Smaller animals are simply out of luck. And, as Earth’s Sixth Great Extinction keeps rolling, maybe out of time.

Microwave Sickness and Chemtrail Related Illness

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