May 20, 2013

Nixon Or Bush: Moving Toward Impeachment Or WWIII?

Is a new police state emerging in the US?

"Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you’ll actually see."
― Thaddeus Bradley (Morgan Freeman's character), from the film Now You See Me

“The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.”
Benjamin Disraeli

Barely a week after the head of today's most powerful government addressed a class of college grads, telling them that they should reject voices that warn about government tyranny, his own government begins to face wave after wave of new scandals that clearly validate the very voices he railed against! From illegal IRS targeting of groups on the opposing side of the political spectrum to spying on the media in order to expose their sources - confirming the very dangers that those voices warned about. Along with recent testimony on the Benghazi incident, admitting that the administration did in fact order a stand-down of military support, leading directly to the deaths of the ambassador & 3 others, the result has been a firestorm of negative press as even formerly friendly media become detractors!

Five months before the 1972 election, five men are arrested while trying to 'bug' the campaign offices of the DNC at the Watergate hotel and office complex, one of whom says he once worked for the CIA - it took another 2 years of covering up before Richard Nixon became the first US president to resign! But, while most swallowed the official story hook, line & sinker about the break-in being simply the latest in a long line of dirty tricks issuing forth from the desk of Tricky Dick, evidence later surfaced that what the men had really been after was photographic evidence provided to the DNC that tied key CIA operatives (including the now ex-CIA burglar, Howard Hunt) to the JFK assassination in Dallas, supported by coded language on the Nixon tapes and Hunt's deathbed confession confirming his role!

Two months before the 2012 election on the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks with the president lagging in the polls, an attack on the Benghazi consulate results in 4 deaths, including the ambassador - the official story quickly pinned the blame on an angry crowd protesting about an anti-Muslim film! But before long the true story began to emerge in bits & pieces as it came out that the administration issued stand-down orders to prevent any rescue attempts, firing those who chose to respond anyway. According to a retired 4-star Admiral, the plot involved a staged kidnapping of the US ambassador, followed by a rescue to boost the flagging poll ratings of a heroic president and lead to his reelection, but two Navy Seals who fought back caused the rebels to retaliate, believing they had been betrayed!

In the end, Nixon's disgraceful departure from office came about, not simply due to two enterprising young reporters, but because powerful interests - including the CIA, facilitated his exposure in order to maintain cover, which, had it been blown, would have led to severe repercussions for the agency! Likewise, using the Libyan consulate and its ambassador as a conduit to supply Syrian jihadist rebels with arms and ammunition would be damaging to the CIA- and expose long-denied links to al Qaeda!

The powerful interests that assassinated one president - and facilitated the impeachment of another, are today more firmly entrenched than ever- they will abandon a leader with deep familial CIA roots the moment they come to believe that he has become a liability to fulfilling their long-sought agenda! It is no accident that these scandals have suddenly blown in out of the blue, just like a perfect storm- they are geared to reading the riot act to a president who may have felt safe after gaining reelection!

Now way behind schedule in advancing the elites' plans for fullscale war on Syria & Iran (& WWIII), the incumbent is being reminded in no uncertain terms about his role if he wants to hold onto power! While the window of opportunity for an attack this year is likely closed, all necessary building blocks must be put in place without further delay to prepare for war starting in 2014 (likely mid/late March) including mass-casualty staged terror attacks, to convince Americans about the need for another war!

Though staged terror attacks can occur at any time, it is clear that their modus operandi has been simultaneous terror drills that go 'live' - like those planned for New York subways this July, where 'harmless' gas will be released to test their readiness for a chemical attack- my advice, stay far away!

The problem faced by the incumbent (and his elite handlers) is twofold - 1st, more are awakening to the reality of false-flag attacks, as evidenced by many unanswered questions remaining after Boston, 2nd, scandals like those swirling now often take on a life of their own and cannot later be contained!

Be warned - if the incumbent still holds office a year from now, it will likely be because martial law has been declared and a fullscale war has broken out, allowing him to complete his term as a dictator - if so, there is no guarantee of his leaving the Oval Office come 2017- unless his handlers want that!

Why Obama Will Survive the Equivalent of Five “Watergate Scandals”

by Dave Hodges -

nixon watergate 1Mark Twain once talked about history not necessarily repeating, but he noted that history sure does rhyme.
Richard Nixon was unable to survive one direct hit upon his administration, namely, the Watergate scandal. Conversely, Obama is facing five scandals which dwarfs Watergate in terms of criminality, abuse of power, malfeasance of office and outright treason. The damage inflicted upon the American people by the criminal syndicate occupying the White House, in American History, is unparalleled. Yet, Obama is going to survive and this article will describe how Obama is this century’s version of the famous escape artist, Houdini.

The Alternative Media Is Doing Its Job

In Part One of this series, I detailed how various researchers have determined that it only takes 10% of the population to passionately hold to an ideal for the ideal to reach critical mass and go viral. I also described how the knowledge that this country is being run by a criminal syndicate is taking hold and we have likely passed the 10% threshold as evidenced by the fact that America is outraged by (1) Benghazi-Gate; (2) IRS-Gate; (3) AP Spy-Gate; (4) Whistle-blower-Gate; and even (5) Fast and Furious is beginning to make a second pass. The alternative media is being so effective that it is forcing the MSM to jump off Obama’s ship and claim they do not support him any longer (e.g. MSNBC Chris Mathews).

The Calm Before the Storm

Even the great fence sitter, Glenn Beck, is beginning to throw words around like “impeachment” in reference to Obama.  And this is coming from a man who cannot decide if he is in the MSM or the alternative media. Remember, according to Beck, 9/11 is exactly as the Bush administration claims it was, an al Qaeda venture. This is the same al-Qaeda that we are allegedly fighting in Afghanistan while supporting in Syria in our effort to oust Assad.
Regardless of the pedigree of many reporters who are now hinting at the fact that we are witnessing the last days of the Obama administration, the President himself, seems unbelievably calm.
what me worry obamaObama is calm because he knows that he is going to survive the largest onslaught of simultaneous scandal exposures in our country’s history. There has never been a time in our history in which a sitting President has been besieged with this much exposed fodder aimed at his removal. If Watergate forced Nixon to resign, Obama should have been crushed by the comparative weight of his scandals and he should have already exited the White House. Why hasn’t this happened?

Sacrificial Lambs Buy Time

It is not likely that the Mafioso inhabitant presently residing in the White House will ever leave office prematurely. In fact, I think it is likely that Obama may never leave the Oval Office in 2016 as well.
If this were 1974, I would be advising Obama to pack his bags and I would also be advising him that he should be begging Joe Biden to grant him a pardon for his criminal acts including the facilitation of the murder of Ambassador Stevens. Make no mistake about it, Obama will survive these crises. However, Holder and possibly even DHS director, Janet Napolitano, may not.
holder2Undoubtedly, Obama will offer up the head of Eric Holder as a sacrificial lamb and he will be gone by Labor day, if not much sooner and this will buy Obama time to enact his endgame strategies which will negate the five Watergate wolves trying to break through his door.
Holder’s departure will bring celebrations in the alternative media and their followers as we will be dancing in the streets. We will also smell blood and want more removals. But the head of the President will never be touched despite the fact that all of us will soon be screaming for Obama’s scalp. It will just never happen.   

What Will Save This President?

There is one game changing event which will suddenly and irreversibly negate the momentum that the alternative media has achieved in terms of exposing and removing this criminal administration from power.
In the last eight months, I have repeated the mantra that most of what drives this government today is the preservation of the Petrodollar on behalf of the Federal Reserve. I have also detailed how Iran is selling its oil to Russia, China and India for gold, thus threatening the preeminence of the Petrodollar in which the other countries of the world must first purchase dollars from the Federal Reserve for the “privilege” of purchasing oil. This process provides the only backing that our dollar possesses.
petrodollar scamIran, China, Russia and India are destabilizing the dominance of our currency.  Before you cheer the fact that the Federal Reserve is about ready to take a much deserved blood bath, please realize that you have a job to go to every Monday morning because of this one-sided arrangement and it is all about to end unless Iran can be toppled.

Why Syria?

Have you yet figured out why Obama will survive these crushing scandals and assume power in this country in a manner only reserved for such despots as Stalin? The road to Obama’s immediate survival runs through Damascus.
On the surface, Syria seems so very insignificant on the global chessboard. However, the key to invading Iran and seizing their oil fields is to first control Syria because the occupation of Syria is an insurmountable checkmate against Russian ground troops intervention.
If the US takes over the Syrian revolution that we started through our al-Qaeda proxy forces, the US will gain a huge tactical advantage in the Middle East. The installation of short and medium range missile batteries in Syria will serve as a deterrent and a blocking mechanism for Russian ground troops ability to intervene in Iran.
If Russia allows the US to control Syria, Russiawill lose any chance of preventing a US/NATO takeover of Iran. Russia and China have heavily vested themselves in gold. If Iran is stopped from selling its oil for gold, China, Russia and India will have wasted a enormous amount of the respective GNP’s in acquiring gold.  And the acquisition of gold will be for naught if the US is above to re-establish the dominance of the Petrodollar as the world’s reserve currency through a successful invasion of Iran.
For awhile, it appeared as if Russia did not have the stomach for WWIII and they were going to let us topple Assad with so much as a whimper. I have been shocked as I watched Russia apparently acquiesce to an impending takeover of Syria by US led forces.  However, recent Russian events make it clear that WWIII is on the horizon.

The Game Changing Piece Now on the Chessboard

russia attacks america 5A now widely circulated report emanating by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has written about a meeting which just concluded between Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry and the report is stating that President Putin has ordered Russian military forces to “immediately move from Local War to Regional War military operational status and to be “fully prepared” to expand to Large-Scale War should either the United States or European Union enter into the Syria Civil War. I would also presume that this admonition also extends to US led NATO intervention as well.
russians invade mcdonaldsA definition of terms is critical. A Regional War is clearly speaking about the entire Middle East.
According to the Mission and Objectives of the Russian Armed Forces, a Large-Scale War denotes:
A war between coalitions of countries or larger world powers. It can be precipitated by escalation of an armed conflict, local or regional war by way of a significant number of countries from different world regions being effectively involved. In a large-scale war, the warring sides would pursue radical military and political goals. It would require that participating countries mobilize all of their available material resources and moral courage.”

This is a Clear Declaration of War!

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