December 12, 2013

Stockholm Syndrome Society: Devastatingly Dumb, Dysfunctional &,.. Deceptively Deadly

“No man can put a chain about the ankle of his fellow man without at last finding the other end fastened about his own neck.”
Frederick Douglass

"Scientific societies are as yet in their infancy. . . . It is to be expected that advances in physiology and psychology will give governments much more control over individual mentality than they now have even in totalitarian countries. Fitche laid it down that education should aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives, of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished. . . . Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. . . .”
Bertrand Russell,1953

As defined by Wikipedia, Bullying:-- "is the use of force, threats, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively to impose domination over others. The behavior is often repeated and habitual."! When done by a group rather than an individual, bullying is called mobbing. Just about every human being has - at one time or another experienced bullying, either as victim, perpetrator, or bystander. But, whereas bullying is closely associated with childhood or adolescence, few make the connection with actions affecting us as adults, particularly when undertaken by those viewed as authority figures in society, those who we have been conditioned to believe are only there to seek our best interests. But, as students of history know, every tyranny begins with an expression of the very best intentions!

To determine whether a society can be termed a bully society, we need to ask a few frank questions - questions that can help to establish how its members are treated- in particular, whether those viewed as falling outside the mainstream are treated with respect or brutalized. Here are a few to mull over:
  • What kind of society tolerates laws that deprive its members of freedom and label them as criminals for what they choose to put into their own bodies?
  • What kind of society denies its members the right to choose for themselves what types of therapies they wish to undergo to treat their own health issues?
  • What kind of society remains mum when the State forcibly medicates its members by placing a known neurotoxin (& rat poison) into their water supply?
  • What kind of society bows to pressure not to label laboratory-created foods despite studies that show harmful effects, denying its members the right to choose?
  • What kind of society allows a select class of enforcers the ability to abuse and even kill its members, with often no more accountability than a slap on the wrist?
  • What kind of society is silent when members are forced to inject vaccines into the blood of its young, while providing immunity to manufacturers for any harm done to their offspring?
  • What kind of society refuses to acknowledge spraying of poisonous chemicals into the atmosphere by authorities attempting to combat climate change, despite increasing danger to respiratory & immune systems?
  • What kind of society raises no objection when remote-controlled drones flown by their countrymen kill or maim innocent women & children in far-off lands under the guise of fighting terrorism?
  • What kind of society refuses to hold their leaders to account when blatant lies continue to be told to justify waging wars of aggression that are really more about grabbing resources and enforcing hegemony?
  • What kind of society prefers to remain in a deep slumber about false-flag operations conducted by its covert agencies to tighten control, fearing the nightmare that their opened eyes would otherwise reveal?
  • What kind of society clings to a childish belief that the State is like a surrogate parent to its members, and would never lie or do anything that would put them in harms way simply to gain more power?
  • What kind of society foolishly believes that today's giant news conglomerates are intent on exposing government and industry cover-ups, even to the extent of jeopardizing future profit streams to do so?
So, does the pathological need by some humans for a father figure in adulthood lead to a blind spot - one so enormous that they either fail to recognize bullying, or else fear retaliation by the bully State? Do such people actively seek out leaders who claim the ability to cure every ill that afflicts society - so that when failure inevitably follows, they may then have a scapegoat upon whom to assign blame? Should the awake among us feel sorry for sheeple, who may be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome?

Recognize that society? You should, you certainly played a part in creating it - actively, or by default! Want to change it? That's simple, stop trying to control others by force - in other words, stop bullying. It's the only way you will ever be able to loose the shackle you have "fastened about your own neck"!

Stop Thinking Like A Slave!

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Paradigms Of Control

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Jon David Miller
Activist Post

Those who are in power in human affairs have developed and used a variety of paradigms over the centuries to expand and maintain their control. Building on past success and with today's much more powerful technologies, they are close to complete control in The New World Order Empire.


In primitive group consciousness, individual pursuits were minimal. A person with intelligence, character, skill and strength filled the role of leadership for group decision making.

To the mythic mind, the environment seemed to be affected by unpredictable spirits. Practices developed to honor or appease them. There may have been an intuitive shaman who would guide the community in numinous spiritual matters. Leaders realized the benefit early on of their people being calmed and mystified by an adept at handling what the people did not understand and thus feared. Spiritual guides or priests operated by the good graces of the ruler, so they would not rock the boat much.

Eventually the leadership organized the group to better protect or expand its territory. The leader became more powerful and wanted to extend that power to his offspring. Protection of wealth and power became important to the rulers. As kings and queens rewarded descendants and key loyal warriors with land, wealth and the honor of nobility, feudalism was established.

The landed aristocracy garnered fees from the serfs toiling on their land, and paid taxes to the layers of nobles above them, including the king and queen.

Gradually religion became an institutionalized method for perpetuating a common paradigm to keep the people in order. The sacred establishment and its doctrines and priests presented the social conditioning for the family and beyond. People worked in their individual daily activities and came together for religious rituals and celebrations.

With the Renaissance came the demand of the masses for greater freedom and self-determination. The elite powers had to become more subtle to regain and maintain control of the essentials and the people they still consider as serfs even today.

The nobility and a few other insiders had been invited into secret societies where occult traditions and practices behind religions were taught. The leaders of secret societies made plans to keep themselves in power, fashioning more sophisticated paradigms of control and grander psyops to manipulate the population.

They developed strategies of politics, law, finance and mass mind control to consolidate and maintain their dominance.

Controlling basic needs is a key tenet of dominating a captive population. In feudalism, the land, the food, the resources, the military and even the religious priesthood were all controlled by the royal court and its minions.

Democracy, Law & Finance

Moving from feudalism to the new paradigm of democracy, they could offer a political system of majority vote that seemed to give the people the power to elect their own government leaders.

By selecting the candidates and guiding the process from behind the scenes using bribery, threat, propaganda, assassination and powerful mind control methods, while keeping the people as uninformed and ignorant as possible, the elites gradually arranged to have puppets in nearly all key government positions.

The manipulation of law from all angles has led to a legal environment that serves the elites well. They control numerous lawmakers as well as many of those who adjudicate the law. Lobbying to have laws made or revised in their favor, they have encouraged the development of regulatory bureaucracies to limit their own competitors, while they favor divisive competition in business, politics, sports, etc., among their subjects.

Through fractional reserve banking, financing and other ventures, and the establishment of privately controlled central banks, the elite powers regained the controlling position through the financial realm. Employing bribery or threat they got officials to contract with them to issue nations' currencies as loans.

The National Debt paradigm as well as the concept of the fiat dollar debt note, have been used by the banking powers to control governments and their populations. The U.S. dollar has the all-seeing eye pyramid, a common occult symbol, on the back.

Similarly the bankers have used the credit / debt tool to gain control of property and resources, and to trap people in their corporate work system.

The Corporate Paradigm

Another of the greatest concepts the controllers developed was that of the corporation. A corporation is a legal entity, a fictional stand-in for a person. It has powers and liabilities independent of its stockholders, board executives and employees.

The main purpose of a corporation is to control an operation of business activity, while limiting the liability of the owners or administrators, primarily the board of directors and officers. The corp is an entity of its own, and if it gets in trouble it is usually only the corp that has to deal with it or get penalized.

The corporation normally has the hierarchical structure of a pyramid, a favorite image of the esoteric societies. This is not unlike the royal courts of feudalism. The topmost controllers of the Transnational Interlocking Corporate Kingdom behind the global corporate system actually include among them those of royal blood and wealth.

Corporate executives enjoy being in charge of making decisions and setting policies. They like to keep expanding the realm under their control, similar to a feudal noble being master of their domain.

Most of what is available in the U.S. marketplace, and most of the world, is produced and/or sold by a corporation.

Almost every common business, union, educational institution, church and organization, including governments, is a corporation. Nearly every product, service, food concept, medicine, toy, movie, song, celebrity, candidate and personality, that becomes known to the general public, goes through the normal corporate process of analysis, R & D, market research, packaging, branding, marketing, and, if necessary, spin or repositioning.

The commercial areas of nearly every town look pretty much the same. You find mostly the same corporate stores, the same restaurants, the same cinemas, the same auto services, the same gasoline companies, and the same corporate brands in supermarkets, convenience stores and other home product outlets.

Almost every home is a model of corporate product development, promotion and merchandizing, from the furnishings, to the refrigerator and kitchen cupboards and the food products in them, and also in the bathroom, the basement, the yard and the garage.

Corporations dominate every major industry, including finance, oil and energy, chemicals, mining, metals, war, transportation, communications, medicine, computers, technology, news, entertainment and more.

The corporate news broadcasts only what they want us to know or believe, or what will keep us apathetic, and keep certain things under wraps. Predictive programming is used in the news, TV programs, movies, etc., to present memes and serve psyops.

Most charities, foundations, arts & cultural organizations, churches, social groups, service organizations, etc., are not-for-profit corporations with a board of directors and officers. A non-profit operates in a similar style to a for-profit corporation. Instead of stockholders, most non-profits have members or supporters.

Some non-profits are very embedded in the corporate world. A number of charities, foundations and educational institutions are heavily supported by big corps, their execs and management. There are numerous non-profits that are operated to foster circumstances favorable to profit making corporations related by interlocking boards.

Corporate Government

The federal government of the United States was replaced with a corporate form during the years after the Civil War. Before long state and local governments were manipulated into following suit. All of these government corporations are interrelated and they often work together.

The corporate model of government administration utilizes various departments, agencies and bureaucracies, many with revenue generating activities, including licenses and fees, income taxes, property taxes, sales or excise taxes and fines and penalties. One or more of these are employed at every level of government.

There is a great deal of crossover of top corporate execs into high level government positions and back to the companies, often in the same industry to which the government job is related.

Modern corporate government is a giant inefficient business with the luxury of compelled revenues, similar to the forced taxation and penalties by kings and emperors. Enforcement agents are in place to maintain a high level of compliance in paying taxes and to seek out violations of statutory regulations and administer fines.

Further, the U.S. government controls most all of the land in the nation, nearly all of several western states. State and local governments own a good deal of land as well.

The individual citizen who has paid off a mortgage and believes that they finally own the land they occupy, is ultimately subject to the "eminent domain" of multiple layers of corporate government. Meanwhile, government charges taxes for using the land and its "improvements", somewhat like lease payments.

Like the kings of old, the corporate state compels massive financial support from its subjects, and uses some of its resources to develop tighter surveillance and controls on the population.

Controlled & Poisoned

A modern lifestyle has been fashioned by the elite controllers in which distribution of "scarce" fuel, remotely delivered metered energy, commercially engineered food, medicine and access to avenues of communication, are all owned and controlled by their corporate system.

Sugar, corn syrup, Aspartame, MSG, GMOs, preservatives, dyes, BPA in packaging, and other poisons, are in much of the food supply. Public water is a chemical cocktail containing especially toxic chlorine and fluoride, as well as traces of agricultural, industrial and medical chemicals. Chemtrails fill the skies a few days a week in most areas.

Pharmaceutical medicine is a key tool in the controllers' tool bag. Most drugs do not correct health problems. They simply mask the symptoms. Drug side effects and interactions are major detriments to health. Health issues, often medically caused, preoccupy and stress many people, and waste massive amounts of time and attention.

Children are being victimized early by administration of psychotropic medicines, often requested by schools to help manage behavior. Their brain is usually already impaired before they get to school by the vaccinations beginning at birth.

Public poisoning is done on purpose to drive medical profits, decrease fertility and reduce the population.

Through a birth certificate, social security number, driver's license, auto registration, professional license, business license, bank account, credit accounts, credit bureau profile, utilities accounts, insurance policies, securities holdings, passport, and/or various taxation accounts, etc., as well as by exchanges within the marketplace, almost everyone has a corporate identity.

Universal health care, dietary practices, family size, child rearing, lifestyle and more are coming to be managed by the ever more dominating bureaucracies. Travel, utility use, consumption and health care support will be rationed according to predetermined limits. Even length of life could be preset by genetic programming or another eugenics protocol.

What we have been taught and thus think we know about science has been falsely manipulated to create a powerful advantage for those in control. They have knowledge and technology far above what they allow even those in science-related education and careers to know, except for piecemeal information on a "top-secret, need-to-know, non-disclosure-or-else-serious-penalty" basis.

Global Paradigms

Routinely, there are little publicized meetings and agreements between government officials of various nations that are rarely subject to critical review. There have been many unopposed small steps, seemingly of minor importance, toward a global corporate state.

Those behind this are strategic and deliberate in their progress, and they have a very long-term view that spans generations.

They try to gauge how much the public will accept at any point; they set themselves up for rationalization and deniability; and they create manipulative circumstances that make their solutions more palatable.

Based on the "thesis, antithesis, synthesis" dialectical concept of European philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, the elite tricksters employ a strategy of alternating strokes, first slightly this way, then slightly that way. They move back and forth with problems and reactions, raising one arm then the other, creating a threat from one direction then another, and offering their preset solutions.

The synthesis between two pre-selected alternatives is usually the goal.

In this way the controllers guide the course of events so their solutions seem acceptable to enough people that their policies are gradually enacted without evoking a rebellion. Even better if they can get the people to request that something be done, in response to which they roll out the preset paradigm.

As an example of their use of the Hegelian dialectic philosophy, they have used methods of socio-economic organization they developed to divide and conquer the world.

Capitalism is private ownership of property and means of production primarily by individuals or corporations. Business is developed with either one's own funds or other people's money through selling stock or borrowing.

With socialism and communism there is community ownership of property and means of production, which is usually by the state. In practice, a communist state may be controlled by totalitarian dictators.

Setting capitalism against communism was the basis for the "Cold War" build up of militaries, nuclear weapons, technologies and espionage.

With the Hegelian formula:
Thesis: Corporate Capitalism 
Antithesis: Communism/Socialism 
Synthesis: Corporate Statist Communitarianism
Communitarianism is a softer sounding version of collective ownership of property and means of production, and operation of the government, with a focus on costly limitation on the use of resources in the face of the false threat of human caused climate change.

However, through regulation and control of a hypnotized populace, and a corporate structure crossing traditional lines between business and government, using the propaganda of saving us from disaster with a one world community agenda, communitarianism would also become a monolithic totalitarian highly controlled state.

While promoting the paradigms of sustainability and reducing overpopulation, the global elite are consolidating their ownership and/or control of oil, natural gas, water, land, farms and forests in the United States and around the world. It is important to learn how they are using Agenda 21 of the United Nations to redesign life as we have known it toward a fully controlled society.

Communitarianism, communism, socialism, capitalism, corporatism and even democracy, are all conceptual and organizational tools in the psyop game bag of the power controllers.

Fraud & Tyranny

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