August 08, 2012

Olympics False Flag - Same Venue, Different Sporting Event?

London Olympics 2012 Illuminati Conspiracy? (Full Length)

Though many believe that the false-flag attack discussed for some time within the alternative media will take place before the Olympics draws to a close this weekend, my view is that it will not happen! While all the key pieces are in place and the featured article makes a compelling case for August 11, the buzz around the blogosphere has grown so intense the planners are unlikely to risk being exposed. But the 'enlightened ones' (Illuminati) won't be easily deterred from their dream of world domination. When all the fuss has died down - and the XXX Olympiad has ended with no more excitement than who won medals and which new records were set, 3 weeks from today the 2012 Summer Paralympics - an event which attracts far less attention but shares many of the same venues takes place in London!

With the major event having gone off without the forecast attack, many who avoided attending will feel safer about ignoring cries of 'wolf' this time around. The Illuminati believe deeply in their right to ruler-ship over the masses, who are so ignorant that they miss hidden warnings planted in plain sight. Certain numbers have special meaning to occultists, such as 3, 9 & 11 - doubles, 33 - and triples, 666. Further, it happens that the closing ceremony is on 9/9/2012, 7 years after 7/7 & 11 years after 9/11!

The motto of the highest-level (33rd degree) freemasonry reads 'Ordo Ab Chao' - Order out of chaos! They supply the chaos (unknowingly to the masses) and are waiting at the ready to provide the order. The question is: will they again succeed in deceiving or, will they play their hand one time too many?

London Paralympics Illuminati 2012 Bombing On The 9/9/12

The Olympic opening ceremonies have come and gone without incident. People who feared a terror attack are getting comfortable with the idea that there isn't going to be an attack.
This website is predicting that the Olympic games could end one day early this year. The closing ceremony will not be on August 12. Instead, the closing ceremony will be a "staged and foiled" dirty bomb terror attack on August 11th.
The signature of the Illuminati crime familes is written all over the London Olympics from the one-eyed "all seeing eye" mascots to the Olympic stadium's "illuminated" pyramids to the Olympic logo that spells "zion" to the sinister opening ceremony rituals.
For the illuminati, sacred numbers play a key role in setting dates for their planned disasters. They believe that success is empowered if a sacred number is doubled or tripled. False flag operations are typically scheduled on a date that has a run of the same number - like the false flag terror attacks on 9/11 and 7/7.
Staged terror attacks are chosen according to numerology calculations which favor the numbers 9, 11 and 13 or repeating numbers like 33. In numerology, numbers are added together. August 11th, 2012 is 8/11/12. Notice the number "11". 8 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 2 = 13. Notice the triple "1" which triples the power of the number "111"
When the "forward slash" for the date 8/11/12 is moved forward without changing the numbers, the result is: 81/11/2. The 8 and 1 are added together. 8 + 1 = 9. We now have 9/11/2. That 's 9/11 with the number 2. The number 2 symbolizes the 2nd 9/11. The date of August 11, 2012 adds up to a 2nd 9/11


  1. Dirty bomb nothing the Illuminati will use a full fledged atomic bomb like in operation blackjack. Lets say thay really want this to go off with a bang!

  2. They didnt attack on the 11th I guess you all are fools! lol in all seriousness, I wish the devil had some empathy

  3. And I really do believe, god, as loving as he is, I do believe he loves the devil just as he loves us. Because I dont think he would judge like that and stoop to that level.

    Check it out-

    God is opposite of the devil. So everything the "Evil" stands for, the "Good" is about the opposite. Like night and day, black and white, no better way to describe it. If you're blind to this, then you're missing the point.

    The devil is here because he has to be.

    Till when?!

  4. In other words he was forced here by god. Just like the bible says! See there is some truth in there...but it WAS written by imperfect man(probably by the illuisionati) so can we really trust it? And why would god expect us to trust it? I think they're testing us. If you go with god, you're going to hell. Because the god the bible describes of is Evil isn't he? Didnt he kill like millions or billions of people? And doesnt the bible also say that Satan has more power than god? God "Wishes" everyone could go to heaven, but he doesn't have the power to show them the light and unblind them from satan? What? And this is supposed to be god?

    Use your fucking brains and wake up people. Either we are all going to hell, or we're not. If you ask me, we're in hell right now. Can't get much worse than what happens here on Good Ole Planet Earth. Unless of course you like getting butt/mind raped by aliens, then you would consider the earth to be heaven.

    Till When?!

  5. Peace be with you all,

    I am really happy about the London Olympics 2012. It is saved thanks to God. But we still got Paralympics 2012. I hope it's saved too but if you look for Code: 9 movie, the ending for Paralympic will be on 9/9/2012. Horrible! But still hope for the best.

    Illuminati do exist for sure, but they fooled those who were expecting the Olympic bombing to make other people think that these guys are crazy.

    1. code 9 september 9/9/2012 false flag num emergency 999 united kingdom false flag¡¡

  6. It's obvious that the Illuminati tricked us with "The Boy Who Cried Wolf Principle" (Inversed Predictive Programming)
    but now when the people throw the towel after that, they are into something for the 2012 London "PARALYMPICS",
    I mean , look at the official Paralympic Facebook page,
    It is called "C4Paralympics", are you kidding me?!!,
    C4 = Explosive, Like the one in the Movie "Cars 2", and expected to explode in London too.

    In one video, the official video of the one-eyed mascots of the Olympics, you can see Mandeville(Paralympic mascot) viewing a picture of a kid giving a trophee to an archer paralympic competidor, and he is making a hand devil sign, and in front of the picture there is a london flag lying on the floor (Like saying = London is going to fall in the Paralympics)

    Then the mascots make a salute to London soldiers, the first mascot and the soldier looks pretty innocent.
    Then is the turn of the Paralympic mascot to salute from the rainbow to the Paralympic Soldier, but the soldier looks different to the other soldier, because only this soldier have the famous 2012 logo in his red coat, The same that we all know is decripted like the word "ZION" = The New Jerusalem (Meaning the emergence of the AntiChrist to the Explosion / Portal).

    There is another special video that I'm putting below the commentary, where you can see a bomb exploding with many soldiers, exactly at 0:42 minutes,
    " 42 " = Jupiter, which is another name for the evil one.
    even 4 + 2 = 6,
    6 = Evil One. Making reference to the emergence of the AntiChrist after the biggest explosion and sacrifice orquestrated in the world with the atonishing bomb.

    Then at 0:43, 4 + 3 = 7, " 7 " means the beggining and the ending of something, origin after destruction.
    0:42 = Explosion with soldiers = Destruction
    0:43 = Baby and Pregnant Woman = Dawn Of the New Age / New World Order.

    This is the video that im talking about:
    Channel 4 Paralympics - Meet the Superhumans (Annotated Version)

    http:// www. youtube .com/watch?v=kKTamH__xuQ

    1. Very interesting observations.
      They (Illuminati) love to insert these hidden clues - that way they can claim they warned us ahead of time.
      But they also know full well that few will pay attention - that is slowly changing as more awaken daily.
      We don't have very long to wait now - I have a queasy feeling in my stomach that the time is ripe for this staged attack!

  7. michael jackson is the one u will damage them, he is alive and back soon