September 06, 2012

9/11 to 9/9(9)?: Deadly Numbers Game Heralds WWIII

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On The 9/9/12 Part 1...Part 2...Part 3...Part 4

They love their numbers, these monstrous beings do - claiming a divine right to rule over the masses! The Illuminati will go to great lengths to carefully plan their events according to the correct numbers, believing that it will not be successful otherwise. The excellent site on the occult numerology of 2012 (linked below) reveals the significance attached by occultists to both 2012 and the date 12/21/2012. Their most favored numbers include 3, 9, 11, doubles like 33 & 55, and 'sacred' triples such as 666. So why should any of these weird beliefs matter to those who care little about their satanic practices? Well, the unfortunate reality is that the world we live in is controlled by powerful forces that prefer to operate in the shadows, herding the masses via fear-inducing events towards their dreamed of NWO!

Let's take a closer look at these venerated numbers that may be the key to the next false-flag attack! The 2012 Paralympics commenced on (2)9 August - or (11)9 of August. The closing ceremony takes place exactly 11 days later on 9/9/2012 - which is 11 years after 9/11. The London subway bombings took place on 7/7 - one day after it was announced that London would host the 2012 Olympics, precisely 7 years before the games, in what may well have been a dress-rehearsal for the main event. The first bomb went off at exactly 8:49 am - 11 minutes to 9. It is believed that the closing ceremony attacks are scheduled to occur at 8:49 pm - 11 minutes to 9 on 9/9. This can also be written as 999, the emergency call code for the UK, minus 11 minutes (years) from 9/11, emergency code for the US!

Major false-flags like 9/11 & 7/7 have often been introduced beforehand using entertainment media! Known as predictive programming, the chosen media has included TV, video games and card games. Two, in particular, are recounted here - first, the popular BBC series Spooks aired an episode in 2003, exactly two years to the day before 7/7 about a terror attack on a London tube station. Then, 4 years earlier in 8/2008, its spinoff Spooks: Code9 plot-lines a nuclear bomb attack at the London Olympics!

It was Vladimir Lenin who once said: "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves."! The Illuminati may well have taken Lenin's advice and implanted false messages into popular media - in an effort to lead the alternative media astray, making them lose credibility before the big attacks. Indeed, aside from a smattering of videos the blogosphere has been as silent on a Paralympics attack as they were vociferous for the widely-anticipated Olympics false-flag - which failed to come to pass!

Yet the 'enlightened ones' will not abandon their plans for world domination - and the start of WWIII! All the infrastructure has already been put in place for this site so they will not want it to go to waste. They plant the event in coded clues beforehand to claim we were warned, but were too foolish to see!

The next 2 months or so is rife with the likelihood of a major false-flag to ignite a coming world war! The only question is, having discredited the alternative media by sidetracking them last time around, will they execute their plans of mass murder at this weekend's closing ceremony? We'll soon find out!

Friday, August 31, 2012

WASP still thinks Olympics will be attacked. The Paralympics Closing Ceremony.....

Hi Tap, I see there has been an increase in the number of 'WASP CASUALTIES', so the 'T's haven't gone, it was just a temporary Lull, GARBAGE THESE DAYS IS VERY DIFFICULT TO GET RID OF, & most is Recycled, otherwise it just Hangs around, just like THEM. 

Gordon & Julia, have brought us back to numbers again, & shows how important they are, as you are all aware, the world is controlled by 'SIGNS & SYMBOLS', Numbers are just that, those who dismiss this fact will never see the whole Picture. In the past I always tended to believe William Milton Cooper, w/r/t to ICKE, but it does appear since he has given up the idea that he was a reincarnation of Christ, he needs reappraisal, though some of his theories I have difficulty in finding any validity in them, but then who knows, The information in the video w/r/t WWIII , is not difficult to agree with, & ties in with Common Purpose Puppets.
I was informed via The 'Grape Vine', possibly a 'Tertiary Source',  that three non Europeans who were going to take a Flight out of the country, from one of the Smaller Airports, Boarded The Plane, but just before take off they changed their minds, the flight crew during this disturbance, were called away from their stations, to deal with the situation, during this incident. One of of the three men went to the loo. The three passengers then eventually disembarked, It was only later that the Captain of the Plane found that, his credit cards, & personal documents, together with location of all the Security Runways & Codes were missing. This was one week before Cameron made The Olympics Look Like  a WAR ZONE, & introduced Missiles & Heavy Armaments, which was unprecedented, as the details were via a chain, I can't say where the originated information was derived & have been unable to obtain any further details. I have included this solely as a point of Information.

EXTRACT  -  Every event foretold in the Illuminati card game has come far.
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